We first have to start at the beginning. Before we can ask what is a process we need to identify who is our clients and suppliers. We all think that our suppliers is the organization that supply us with goods and material and that a client is the organization that received our product after we added our supplied goods and materials. This is correct.


But when you start to compile you processes, you need to start within your organization. Basically we are all supplier and clients more then once a day. Let me explain.


When the welder requests the labour to clean the area where he worked, the labour will be the supplier and the welder the client. Now, if the foreman requests the welder to weld two plates, the welder will be the supplier and the foreman will be the client. We call this the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality chain.


As we can see, SHEQ chains can be traced right through the business or service processes used by any organization. A process is the transformation of a set of inputs, which can include actions, methods and operations into outputs that satisfy customer needs and expectations, in the form of products, information, services or general results 

For an organisation to be truly effective, each department / part must be work together, because each person and activity affects the total final process