Step 1:

Gain commitment from top management to change through the organisation.

Step 2;

Develop a shared vision and mission for the business or of what change is required

Step 3:

Develop the 'mission" into its critical success factors (CSF's) to coerce and move it forward

Step 4:

Define the key performance indicators (KPI's) as being the quantifiable indicators of success in terms of the mission and CSF's

Step 5:

Understand the core processes and gain process sponsorship

Step 6:

Break bown the core processes into subprocesses, activities and tasks and form improvement teams around these

Step 7:

Ensure process and people alignment through a policy deployment or goals translation process

Step 8:

1. Writen down what process needs to do

2. Jusitify what the process needs to do

3. Do what we have writen

4. Record what we did

5. Review what we did

6. Revise what we will do

7. Go back to point 1 and start all over.