The Managing Member is an approved Lead Auditor registered at the Southern African Auditor & Training Certification Association (SAATCA).

It is important to note that internal audits ensure that your management system/s are correctly maintained.


There are two types of internal audits, total system audit or progress audit.


Total system audits


        During the total system audit, all the elements as per the relevant ISO's (9001. 14001, 45001,  3834, etc.) will be audited, a report will be compiled with         the findings and the risk per element to the organisation.


Progress audits


        During these audits one element will be audited at the time


        Progress audits my also be that the auditor takes one process and conducts a full audit on that process. For exsample. the auditor decides to audit the         process "purchasing" he /she will then audit only that process by using the relevant parts of the elements that are applicable.  The process report/s will 

be compiled with the findings including the risk per element to the organisation.



Findings are discussed during the management review meeting/s and objectives with target dates and responsiblities will be identified.