- 2016-05-17

We have our first ISO 3834 listing from the SAWI ... more

- 2013-04-16

We pass a NOSA audit today 5 stars ... more

Safety topic for the month - 2012-09-17

Use the hygiene facilities inspection checklist to maintain the right standards: Checklist: Items to be inspected 1.    Are toilet bowls clean? 2.    Do flushing mechanisms work? 3.    Is toilet paper available? 4.    Are windows, walls and showers clean? 5.  &nbs... more

Safety topic for the month - 2011-12-07

Accident prevention is the responsibility of everyone. You've heard that statement probably more times that you can remember. But it is a fact. Safety responsibility has to be the responsibility of each and every on of us. No one man ore department can constantly watch, guide or instruct every operation that is going on throughout a company eac... more

Safety tip for the month - 2011-12-07

It takes a minute to write a safety rule. It takes an hour to hold a safety meeting. It takes a week to plan a good safety program. It takes a month to put that program into operation. It takes a year to win a safety award. It takes a lifetime to make a safe worker. But it takes only a second to destroy it all - with one accident.... more