Safety topic for the month

Accident prevention is the responsibility of everyone. You've heard that statement probably more times that you can remember. But it is a fact.

Safety responsibility has to be the responsibility of each and every on of us. No one man ore department can constantly watch, guide or instruct every operation that is going on throughout a company each day.

Top management is vitally concerned with your safety. So are the department heads, the safety officers and foreman. However, these people can't be with you every minute on every job, and you have to accept you own responsibility for safety.

It's not such an overwhelming task. You should know how to do your job safely. The training that you have received, the safe work procedures, the safety rules and the use of everyday common sense will prevent you from being involved in an incident.

Don't be ashamed to ask questions about a job assigned to you. A workman trying to bluff his way through a job he doesn't understand is just asking for trouble. Even if you think you know the correct procedures, a review may bring out an important phase of the job that has slipped you mind. At the same time, your questions and the answers you get may be helping a new or less experienced man on the job who is too bashful to ask questions.

But your responsibility for incident prevention doesn't stop with the job. At home, behind the wheel, at play, you've got to keep your safety guard up. Not just for your own safety of others as well.

Face your safety responsibility as you do the other obligations that make you your daily life and each day will be completed without untimely incident or injury.