Safety topic for the month

Use the hygiene facilities inspection checklist to maintain the right standards:

Checklist: Items to be inspected

1.    Are toilet bowls clean?

2.    Do flushing mechanisms work?

3.    Is toilet paper available?

4.    Are windows, walls and showers clean?

5.    Do the showers work?

6.    Is there adequate clean water?

7.    Are all taps working?

8.    Are change-rooms clean and free from odours?

9.    Is there any old food lying around?

10. Are the extraction fans working?

11. Are the filters cleaned regularly?

12. Are stoves, pots, pans and utensils clean?

13. Is kitchen and cafeteria staff dressed correctly?

14. Are food storage facilities clean?

15. Are there insects and cockroaches?

16. Are there adequate hand washing facilities?

If you spot areas where there’s a lack of control, put a programme in place to fix these weaknesses as quickly as possible.